Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fighting Under the Flag of Liberty

Being a part of Bersih 3.0 Hong Kong. I'm proud to have met quite a number of Malaysians standing side by side to demand for a fair clean election for the country. Many who attended had already settled in overseas for years, enjoying their life far away from their motherland. I'm curious, why are they still joining us?
Barrack Obama once said that money and title should not be an indicator on how success we are. It is just a by product gained in the process of succeeding in our life.Success, however is measured by how much impact you did to this world. How many peoples life had changed because of what you have done to them.
Why Bersih? Are we Malaysians to free? We are too demanding?
The objective of Bersih is simple. It is to show the world that we are willing to fight for our basic human rights as a citizen of humanity in this modern civilized world.
People from other countries might be curios, why do we need to fight so hard for something that already belong to us?
Some fellow Malaysians might think that Bersih is a political movement, they should not be involved in it. Stay Neautral, is it possible?

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